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Blackfort emerged as a spin-off of a well known financial industry leader in Switzerland. Having its sole operation base set in Zurich, company provides independent asset management services for international clientele focusing on global market access, sustainable investment strategy and service quality.

The three pillars of Blackforts business offerings are Banking Solutions. Investment Advisory and Investment Management, for both, corporate and private clients.

Banking solutions allow clients to access through Blackfort’s platform its broad network of industry partners and interact with them. The company ensures comprehensive support and guidance through all necessary strategic and
operative processes
, such as custodian bank selection, client onboarding and trade administration. Banking solutions are preliminary designed for professional clients, which have established their own portfolio management system, but lacking access to the Swiss market and its banking system.

Investment Advisory assures that investments in bankable assets are made based on profound research, well conceived and in line with clients risk-return expectation The consultancy is an active decision making process, and
suits for both
, individual and corporate clients Integral part of the Investment Advisory is the consistent performance monitoring of clients book, its valuation and discussion.

Investment Management allows clients to fully delegate the portfolio allocation towards Blackfort Companys trading team will evaluate investment opportunities, fell tactical and situative investment decisions, guide portfolio performance and regularly coordinate investment strategy with the client Investment Management offering suits mainly individual, non-professional clients. Blackfort’s focuses on long term client relationships, investment expertise and operational efficiency in order to continuously increase the satisfaction and trust level among our clients.

Our Values

Key values of Blackfort. which define its longterm business strategy as much as its daily operations, and form companys service attitude, customer interaction process and internal working culture, are built on three

The first pillar is the companys knowledge driven and progressive approach. Blackfort realizes that only team which constantly evolves professionally and socially can fully sophisticate customers in the todays fast changing business environment

The second key value of Blackfort is dynamic. In nowadays finance sector, globally acting investors are facing frequently changing legal, technical and financial frameworks. In this context, dynamic and flexibility, which go along with divergent thinking and effective solution implementation, allow our clients to profit from a result oriented team approach. Blackfort allocates investments in line with its clients corporate structureinvestment spectrum and operating field We optimize the investment return based on our real time understanding of the globally ongoing changes on the political, legal and financial levels.

The third pillar of the companys value system is fidelity. Building on trust as a key element of companies‘ philosophy. Blackfort aims to provide only transparent solutions, outlying all possible long term implications investment decisions may have, despite their short term profit projections.



Company Structure

Blackfort acknowledges the Swiss heritage of banking culture on the one hand and the rising demand for flexible and globally accessible finance systems on the other hand. For this reason Blackfort builds along with its main operating office in Zurich also on a global network of partners with local market access, providing our clients a wide range of custodian banking candidates and subsequent cooperation models. across the globe.

Blackfort is fully owned by its employees, where all shareholders of the company form a strategic, long term oriented, partnership with no pure financial investors in the back.

Company consequently builds in the first place on it’s people, equally setting the highest performance standards to their regular employees, management and involved third party business process participants.  Hereby, one of the key aspect’s of Blackfort’s long term company strategy is the continuous education and improvement of both, social and professional abilities, of its team. In a fast changing business environment, employees and managers who are willing to learn, steadily progressing professionally and socially, and are not scared but encouraged by a dynamically developing financial industry are of particular importance. Therefore, one of the key aspect, which Blackfort is striving to succeed on, is a framework where its team can constantly develop its capabilities in an supporting and open-minded environment.


Company’s service focus lies in the comprehensive advice on investments in bankable assets, the investment management of such on behalf of the client and the provision of supportive services, allowing the client i.a. to access Blackfort’s platform for the purpose of an augmented visualization of current investment positions across depositary banks. Blackfort is acting as non-depositary institution, explicitly not booking any of clients’ funds on its own accounts or under its own name. In order to remain unbiased in the course of the investment decision process, Blackfort does not issuing or distributing any own financial products (e.g. “house” funds).

Additionally to classical services as independent asset manager, Blackfort does offer advice, support and grant access to its trusted partner network in subjects not directly related to bankable asset management, such as aviation or trade financing.

Consequently Blackfort can be characterized as an Asset Manager, which does offer additional services strictly related to wealth management either by its own means, i.a. financing terms negotiations with banks, or through the provision of its partner network and the necessary contacts to third party service providers (i.a. estate planning).

Independent Asset Manager

  • Collaboration with Custodian Banks
  • Advisory on Custodian Banks
  • Onboarding of Clients at Custodian Banks
  • Investment Advisory and Investment Management
  • Creation and Distribution of Own Financial Products
  • Performance Reporting and Discussion

Multi Family Office

  • Account Management and Financial Oversight of liquid Assets
  • Account Management and Financial Oversight of illliquid Assets
  • Transaction Supervision and Administration
  • Management and Advice on Illiquid Assets
  • Advice on Wealth Management Related Services
  • Advice of Family Related Services

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