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A highly professional and entrepreneurial thinking management force is unalienable for Blackfort in order to achieve best in class results and to stand up in the highly competitive financial services market. Management responsibilities are covering all three central elements, which appear to be crucial on personal, structural and process level in order to realize company’s goal, to deliver highest service quality to a sophisticated clientele : a profound,  long term oriented strategic decision taking, the continuously improving tactical decision taking, as the effective, hand-on management of daily business activates and the development, maintenance of a strong corporate culture in line with company’s values.


Employees of Blackfort are the main operating forces, who’s contribution is the key element of company’s success story. Along with their professional knowledge and operating excellence Blackfort demands from its employees to develop a holistic and entrepreneurial business view, which is inalienable for a customer friendly and solution oriented service approach. Our employees are encouraged to source for out of the box solutions, actively elaborate relevant information, communicate their ideas with senior management and consequently take responsibility.

The perception of gathered information, its elaboration and subsequent decision taking, will only have a positive effect if all interacting individuals have a similar value system, which is in line with Blackfort corporate philosophy. For this reason, Blackfort attaches the greatest value to management and employers selection as well as the subsequent corporate philosophy cultivation of Blackfort team.

Our Partners

Strategic business partnerships with third parties form an important element of Blackfort’s business model, aiming to provide their clients a holistic and solution oriented service offering in the context of investment management. These services reach from classical finance related tasks (i.a. financing sourcing and subsequent interest rate negotiations) to complementary, less banking related, client requests (i.a. elaboration of commercial real estate investment opportunities, cross – pledging and LTV optimization).

In order to cover all these requests by its own means, Blackfort would need to be a fully integrated company, becoming a mini version of an universal bank. This is not in line with company’s strategy and is barely bearable either from the economical nor the technical perspective. Additionally, the provision of i.a. Trustee Services along with Discretionary Investment Management would lead to a conflict of interests.

For this reason, Blackfort strives to offer to its clients a broad range of proven counterparties who can cover potential needs in the context of financial asset management, value creation and capital protection.

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